Road Share Alert System


Overview - Know what you can't see

Most accidents happen because you have no advance warning of the things that are about to cross your path. This is especially true for objects that are hard to see; like pedestrains, bicycles, and motorcycles. To address this problem, we've come up with a radical new approach to traffic safety, the Road Share Alert™ System. By providing advance warning to drivers, Road Share Alert greatly reduces the chances of catastrophic accidents between cars and other objects that share the road like pedestrians and bicycles.


      • Greatly enhances safety for pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, motorcycles
      • Protects motorists from devastatingly costly litigation and damage claims
      • Provides peace of mind for aging drivers
      • Keeps auto insurance rates low
      • Protects children at play and on their way to school
Motion Activated Transmitter
Early Warning Receiver
  • Be noticed even when you can't be seen
  • Protect kids on their way to school
  • Invaluable for nighttime travel
  • Ensure distracted motorists notice you
  • Prevent car doors from opening into your path
  • Acts as an extra set of eyes on the road
  • Know when children playing on their bikes are in nearby
  • Have increased confidence when backing out of your driveway
  • Provides insurance against the most devastating types of accidents

Road Share Alert will be most effective when every car on the road comes with it as standard equipment. However, Road Share Alert has immediate value for people who want to protect their kids and their community. Since most accidents happen close to home, protecting your neighborhood will greatly enhance safety for you and your kids. In addition, we are working to provide school buses, transit buses, and delivery companies with enough systems to accelerate the pace of adoption.


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